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Contract Law: Independent Work (consumer independent work, construction independent work, independent work for fulfillment of projecting and survey work)
Contract Law: Insurance
Contract Law: Joint Activities
Contract Law: Lease (consumer lease, lease of means of transport, buildings, dwellings, structures and installations, enterprises, land)
Contract Law: Leasing
Contract Law: Loan
Contract Law: Loan for Use
Contract Law: public procurement
Contract Law: purchase-sale (consumer, wholesale, energy, immovable things, enterprises, of installment sale, with the right of redemption, by auction, of the rights, etc.)
Contract Law: remunerative services
Contract Law: Rent
Contract Law: scientific research, experimental, development and technological work
Criminal Law
Customs Law
Damage (Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary)
Energy Law
European Union Law
Family Law
Family Law: Adoption
Family Law: Dissolution of Marriage
Family Law: Guardianship and Curatorship
Family Law: Mutual Rights and Duties of Children and Parents
Family Law: Property and Non-Property Rights and Duties of Spouses
Family Law: Rights and Duties of Other Members of the Family
Financial Law: Crediting
Financial Law: deposit insurance
Financial Law: Financing
Financial Law: representation in banks and other financial institutions
Financial Law: Securities
Immigration Law

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